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Do you need advice or guidance to market your focus on sustainable travel? Purpose Lab offers a fresh pair of eyes on an idea or concept concerning responsible tourism, or develops it tailor made. Co-creation with clients, a personal approach and a down to earth mentality are key point in our work.

The experts of Purpose Lab are specialized in advice concerning innovative and complex projects within the field of responsible tourism. We could be involved as a fly on the wall, but are also capable to lead the project.

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It is a time of reflection, especially on the area of traveling in a more conscious and durable way. The developing or validating of a new idea is valuable, despite the high speed of innovation. If you would like to have an expert specialized in responsible travel, PR or product development, then Purpose Lab can help you in a personal brainstorm session.

Determination of strategy
Fly on the wall
for the management
Confidential settings

Advice for pr and marketing purposes

Reaching the right audience can be difficult in the media jungle. Editorial offices will only clear space for stories, developments and initiatives that make a difference and show social relevance. Does your brand make for a sustainable way of travel, or is the destination you work for suited for this, but do you find it hard to show this to the audience? Purpose Lab develops campaigns based on research that will make for a win win situation for media and brands.


Determination of strategy
Corporate communication
Influencer Marketing


Do you need to set up a complex project or achieve an objective in innovation? Not all organizations have the required capacity and expertise in-house. Purpose Lab's experts are available as temporary project managers or as a fly on the wall.


Complex projects