Research Trends

On the Vakdag of the Vakantiebeurs, Tessa aan de Stegge presented the travel trends for 2019. The presentation Travel Trends 2019 had a compact compilation of researches, new initiatives and motivations of travelers.

The Vakdag of the Vakantiebeurs in Utrecht is a yearly event where travel professionals meet for business opportunities, networking and get the knowledge on trends and developments. The program of the Vakdag offers inspiration and handles for the upcoming travel year.

The founder of Purpose Lab, Tessa aan de Stegge, dove right into the trends of the upcoming travel year, just like the years before. The research focused on social developments and different numeric researches on travel behavior. To implement these trends Tessa made an inventory of initiatives of start-ups, existing travel companies, DMO’s, locals and travelers. The research was focused on travel trends in the area of conscious tourism. You can read more on this research here.

The presentation on the Vakdag was visited by a lot of professionals and media. The presented insights were the topic while networking, the topic of thoughts and of discussions. The research was received well by the present journalists, news makers and bloggers. This made for publicity on the consumer days of the Vakantiebeurs.