Travel Congress

For the first edition of the Travel Congress, Purpose Lab developed a break-out session named Conscious Travel. The participants got insight in cases in the area of sustainable tourism of companies and destinations and concrete handles for communication.


The Travel Congress is a new congress in Holland focused on travel professionals and it is organized by the ANVR, Red Online Marketing, Jaarbeurs, Vakantiebeurs and Travel Tomorrow. Based on different themes, there were keynotes and break-out sessions on the program.

Purpose Lab developed a workshop for a break-out session from the trends on the area of sustainable travel. Based on research, tips of PR-experts from the lab-network and whitepapers on communication from ANVR Better Hlidays, amongst others, arose a very full program. The first part of the workshop was based on a compilation of trends and successful cases from travel companies and destinations. After that, the professionals started working on assignments based on a five step plan.

This workshop with a lot of attendees put the importance of sustainable innovation and efficient communication with the media and the consumers on the map in just 30 minutes. The interaction in the second part of the workshop was so enthusiastic that we were lacking time. We will bring that experience to a next workshop where the presentation of trends and the ‘do it yourself’ part will come together. The trends on sustainable travel are all together in this blog and you can find the three most important communication tips here.