Roadtrippers Club

Purpose Lab created the Sunny Road Trippers Club for all-in car rental company Sunny Cars: a campaign that brings together goals on brand awareness, green driving and online optimization effectively.

Market leader Sunny Cars is one of Europe’s biggest independent car rental specialists with a supply in over 120 countries. The handy and clear all-in formula makes it possible to rent a car in a transparent and care-free way for everyone. Sunny Cars is also a strong party on the area of marketing and communicates the center proposition of all-in car rental in a smart way.

Purpose Lab created a campaign and is executing it. The goals are the increasing of knowledge on the all-in concept of Sunny Cars, increasing the findability of specific car rental destinations and increasing the knowledge of the possibility of compensating for the CO2 emission of the rented car and to road trip in a more environmental friendly way. The Sunny Road Trippers Club is a community of about 100 online and offline media ambassadors with an affinity of traveling and road tripping, a high authority that fits Sunny Cars well. These road trippers are putting a light on a vacation abroad with a rental car through blogs, articles, social media posts and videos. The content is created based on road trips sponsored by Sunny Cars, budget, interesting topics and research in the area of car rental.

The Sunny Road Trippers Club is a loved community for travel bloggers and journalists. The clear conditions on a collaboration, an excellent car rental product to try out and receiving interesting news to help shape the content created a win-win situation for the needs of the media and the coals of Sunny Cars. Hundreds of inspiring articles and blogs on road tripping abroad with an all-in car rental formula have been published and the readers are now aware of the option to compensate the CO2 emission.

The campaign continued in the year 2020, but has been canceled due to Covid-19.

De photography rights belong to ExpeditieAardbol, LaVieSanne, Manify and FitBeauty.

Purpose Lab has created the Sunny Road Trippers Club and manages this where a lot of great collaborations with content creators were started. The 2.0 version is even developed now. Purpose Lab and Tessa brainstorm with us, take a lot of initiative and are always reachable.
Suzanne Al
Sunny Cars