Campaign Latvia

Purpose Lab collaborated with niche content creators and created an influencer marketing campaign focused on sustainable tourism for Latvia.

Everyone that thinks of Latvia, immediately says “Riga”. The LIAA (Investment and Development Agency of Latvia) made it their goal to reach an audience who is looking for meaningful holidays. Latvia is a green destination, literally. The country has a coastline of 500 kilometers and more than half of the total surface of this Baltic state is forest. Latvia also is the home of one of the wildest waterfalls of Europe and during summer time the population can enjoy 20 hours of sunlight a day.

Latvia chose Purpose Lab for the Promotion of International Competitiveness in Tourism project from the European Regional Development Fund. This influencer marketing campaign that Purpose Lab did in collaboration with the niche content creators pointed its arrows to the themes Food, Outdoor and Art & Design. MixedGrill, LittleSpoon, ModerneHippies and Professional Wild Child traveled through this Baltic country together with their local Latvian ‘buddies’ and experienced Latvia like a local. They stayed in a historical sanatorium building, were on the guest list for the first art biennale of Riga and a hike to the swamp was also part of the program.

The content that came from this campaign brough thet true and characteristic sides of the country to the light. Latvia prove to be more than surprising and that showed in the Instagram take-over and the articles, posts on social media and YouTube videos that reached a total of 250.000 followers. The campaign was mentioned by Adformatie, amongst others.

Do you want to read more on this campaign? You can read the inspiration blog on this campaign.

Purpose Lab’s team understood our needs right away and clearly put a lot of thought into selecting the right content creators for our responsible tourism campaign. It was easy to trust them, and the results prove that it was worth it!
Lelde Beņķe
Investment and Development Agency of Latvia
Little Spoon
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