WilderSüden: a green micro adventure in southwest Germany

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Looking for peace of mind in nature and exciting micro adventures? Go out for a WilderSüden trip in Baden-Wuerttemberg, only a six hour drive from Utrecht in the direction of southwest Germany. A surprisingly wild landscape with dark forests, rushing gorges and breathtaking landscapes. Visit a nature reserve, go on a camping trip into the wild, or relax in a natural thermal bath. Or choose for a tree top walk, mountainbike trail though the mountains, a hike along waterfalls or a canopy tour.


Surprisingly wild landscapes in southwest Germany.


Hike in Achertal

Achertal is also located in the Black Forests and consists of Kappelrodeck/Waldulm, Ottenhöfen and Seebach/Mummelsee. The mild climate means the meadows and fruit trees blossom very early and in a gorgeous array of colour, this makes it a great place to visit in spring. In Ottenhöfen you'll encounter lots of mill hiking trails and the Edelfrauengrab waterfalls, you can also dive into a nature swimming pool. Kappelrodeck is the place for so-called liquor-trails. Seebach/Mummelsee is home to the highest mountain of the northern Black Forest and premium hiking trails like Bosensteiner Almpfad.

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Bad Wimpfen c TMBW Achim Mende 1
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Indianerfreizeit Haßmersheim vor Burg Hornberg c Gemeinde Haßmersheim Tschamke Photography
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More information and photo credits

More information about WilderSüden can be found in the mediaroom of Baden-Wuerttemberg. For cooperations please contact Purpose Lab.

Header photo: Baumwipfelpfad, Schwarzwald Tourismus Gmbh Nördlicher Schwarzwald.

Photo 1 : Fietsen in zuidwest Duitsland, TMBW / Fabian Teuber.

Photo 2: Heksenhuis in Renchtal, Renchtal Tourismus Gmbh, Manfred Huber.

Photo 3: Edelfrauengrab waterval in Achertal, Tourist Info Ottenhöfen.

Photo 4: Mainau eiland, Mende.

Photo 5: Loopbrug Noordelijke Zwarte Woud, Tourismus Gmbh Nördlicher Schwarzwald Wildline.

Photo 6: Pforzheim Schmuckmuseum, Winfried Reinhardt.