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Purpose Lab likes to shine a light on people and organizations that inspire to travel consciously. If it is a mission in life, combining a way to make money with doing the right thing or using your talent: you will find inspiring people with unique stories all around the world and in your own country too, of course.

Natasha Bloemhard

Natasha Bloemhard is in the spotlight this time. She is passionate about small adventures, train travel, sustainability and connecting people. With her company Salt she inspires people to literally step outside; inside nature and outside the comfort zone. In her first book De Nieuwe Rijken she lets people have their say who, instead of money, let time roll and feel wealthier than ever.

Interview with Purpose Lab

Purpose Lab interviewed Natasha about about travel, the definition of wealth, the greatness of small adventure and her first book De Nieuwe Rijken.

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What drives you in your company Salt?

Salt's mission is "how can we inspire people to step outside?". And here we mean not only literally going outside, but also stepping outside your comfort zone and color outside the lines. I try to answer that question in everything I do. Similarly with travel. How can I make people look differently at their own backyard, but also, if they go further away, at their way of traveling and the choices they make. I try to take people into the greatness of small adventure and that every person has the ability to make every day an adventure.

What is your most precious travel memory and why?

That is quite difficult for someone who travels a lot because I have taken a special moment out of every trip I have made. In order not to forget that, I always collect something that will forever remind me of that moment. That could be a piece of driftwood or a beautiful stone that I found in a location where I felt intensely happy, but also a beer or wine label from a bottle that I drank with a person or a group that I have fond memories of. But my best travel memory is sitting in the child seat that hung from the handlebars of my mother's bicycle. I must have been about 4 years old, but I still remember very well that the world literally rolled out before me and that I could determine - or so I thought - in which direction we were going. I had the same with the train. I grew up in a family without a car. So we did everything by bicycle or by public transport. Traveling by train, even if it was from my hometown Voorschoten to my grandfather and grandmother in The Hague, was a world trip for me. There in that highchair and on the train, the seed has been planted for my urge to travel, like a kind of first love that never rusts.

How do you see the ecological, economical and/or sociological impact of traveling?

The advantages of traveling are that you learn to put things into perspective incredibly, and I also find the encounters with other cultures extremely important for my view of the world. I also like different landscapes. Moreover, tourism is an important source of income for many countries.

The bad side lies in the fact that we have completely gone crazy in our travel drive that focuses on much for little. And fast. I embrace slow travel in which people not only take the time for the destination itself and the encounters, but also for the journey. There must be an end to "snacking"; a quick here, then there, a taste, say hello, take a selfie and continue. As if we are in a hurry. The power of slow travel is the space you create for surprise and astonishment. For example, I now look much more critically at my own travel behavior and I have, among other things, decided to travel by train as much as possible. That (now) more expensive train ticket is compensated in my own eyes by a lot more travel experience.

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What is the highlight of your career in responsible tourism so far?

Every train journey I make is a highlight for me. Not only because it is a sustainable way of traveling, but also because it brings back the romance of traveling. I am really in love with the train. In addition, a stay in the 72 Hour Cabin on the island of Henriksholm in western Sweden was an absolute highlight: for three days you will stay in a glass house with no more than one bed. Some candles provide the lighting, you have a bathrobe for after bathing in the lake and you have access to a rowing boat. You eat and drink in the central house on the island. But for the rest you are one with nature and there is no (or barely) range; what are you going to do? That was a super interesting experience in which all external stimuli were silenced.

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How did you discover your expertise?

It almost sounds cliché, but by always listening to my feelings and following my heart. Because of this I started doing what makes me happy: creating, making beautiful things, telling stories, sharing, learning, meeting people, playing outside. By doing this I discovered that my strength lies in connecting and inspiring people. That was quite a special coming out, especially for myself.

Waar haal jij je inspiratie vandaan?

Literally everywhere. I go through life like a sponge, absorbing everything, even down to the smallest details. I see so many cool things around me. In order to arrange all this, to make connections and then translate it into ideas for Salt, I often dive into nature. Mother nature is a special counselor and the only one who can get the speed out of my mind.

What can we expect from you in the near future?

Our first book: De Nieuwe Rijken. Since Salt's inception in 2006, we've been interviewing people from all over the world; from top athletes and adventurers to captains of industry, spiritual leaders and change makers. What struck us is that we never talked about money in all those conversations. Whether they could make a good living off it, how much turnover they generated and how much turnover growth was realized annually; it didn't matter. We didn't ask and they didn't think it was important enough to share. Yet again and again we listened to people who were blissfully happy and who felt sweetheart rich. That insight fueled the idea of ​​putting together a book in which we interviewed 70 people on the theme of wealth. From very famous people to hardly known people, nationally and internationally; but what they all have in common is that they let time instead of money roll. Time for adventure, creativity, freedom and meaning. Purpose Lab's founder Tessa aan de Stegge also speaks up in this book. We all asked them the same questions, of which we have collected the best answers, insights and lessons in this book. We also put an endless amount of time into making it, but it was a dream time. The book is now on the market and for sale via our website.

De Nieuwe Rijken
De nieuwe rijken boek

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