Switzerland Tourism & Purpose Lab: Conscious Travel Project

Conscious Travel Project 2020
Purpose Lab developed the Conscious Travel Project for Switzerland Tourism and her regional key partners: a co-creation of experts, scientists, entrepreneurs and media concerning the topic of conscious travel and the opportunities for destination Zwitserland.

Conscious approach of sustainable tourism

Sustainability is a broad topic and we believe it can only be achieved by increasing consciousness in knowledge as well as decision making. The Conscious Travel Project narrows sustainability down to three perspectives - ecological, economical and sociological. The project's main objective is to research and develop the potential for sustainable holidays experiences in Switzerland that have a minimal burden on the environment and a positive effect on people, culture and nature. In total 25 experts from The Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland are involved in the co-creation to realise this. The project's lead time is provisionally determined for 2019-2021.

Conscious Travel Project

Would you like to see more about our process with the Conscious Travel Project so far? Visit the project's page to check out more background information, photos and the 1.0 project's video.

Conscious Travel Project 11

Credits: Chris König / www.chriskonig.com

Up for a research project?

Are you interested in co-creating a project in sustainable tourism with Purpose Lab? Please contact us via the contactpage.