Champing: what can we learn from the magics of churching and champing?

Champing is a conscious way of staying the night. The word is a mix of the words church and camping. In this case you camp in a church. After a good night sleep in a church you will feel rested and you can expect a tasteful breakfast.


It is possible in the United Kingdom for 49 pounds a night. Since 2015 there is the possibility to champ in for example St, Cyriac church and St. Julitta church in Swaffham Prior near Cambridge, but also in places like Alswincle, Norhhamptonshire, West Stourmouth and Fordwich. The founder of the concept, The Churches Conservation Trust, noted record after record and there are a lot more churches planning to be opened as an accommodation as of now.

Trend champing

Champing is not new, but very inspiring!


Who benefits from it?

Next to the fact that it is very special to spend the night in a church, you are also helping the local community. This fits perfectly in the need of the growing group of travelers that want to give something back while they are on vacation. Supporting the local church community is a good example of that. The churches also get a different meaning and are able to keep their value, thanks to this. Part of the profit goes to the maintenance of the building. A win win!


Do you also want to stay in a church? This is how you do it.

Do you like the mystery of a church, do you think it will be special to wake up right underneath a statue of Mary and do you like to travel with a positive impact? You should definitely go champing. You will see hundreds of years of history and get in contact with the local population. It does not matter whether you are with 2 people or with a group of 12 people, everything is possible. The church even takes care of breakfast and fun activities in the neighborhood, so everything is taken care of. More information via the website of Champing.

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